About Windy Wing Design & Promotion

PromotionsIn the Beginning…

When we started Windy Wing Design & Promotion, we were looking for a way to help folks who wanted to have a website that was easy to navigate and update themselves. We decided to specialize in this type of website, called a Content Management System (CMS) for small businesses and individuals who would like a web presence that can be had in an economical yet personalized fashion.

Social Media Marketing and EMail Marketing

Over time, we have evolved into specialists in Social Media Marketing, creating customized Facebook pages for our clients that are designed to help them obtain more visibility in their marketplace, and to extend their reach to potential customers/clients. We realize that there is a direct correlation between email and social marketing. The very nature of both activities is to stay in front of your clients or potential clients so that they will think of you when needing service.

We assist our clients in various ways:

Social Marketing Services (Facebook, Twitter and Linked In):
  • Consulting services, giving one-on-one attention to those who will, ultimately, maintain and carry on their social media activities on their own
  • Consulting and set-up, providing set-up of Facebook or other social media pages, and consultation sessions which give the client skills and advice to continue updates on their own
  • Full service social media marketing assistance, including set-up of social media pages and updates to those pages on a regular basis according to the client’s instruction and with materials and information provided by the client.
EMail Services:
  • Consulting services and assistance with getting started, giving the client the skills required to update e-mail lists and create interesting and informative e-mails that recipients with read and look forward to
  • Assistance with creation of a theme that matches the client’s website, brand and message (We provide a FREE layout with header to anyone who signs up with Constant Contact® via our Business Partner program)
  • On-going assistance with writing and sending emails using information or topics provided by the client, or seeking informative and interesting topics that meet the clients criteria
  • Exclusive e-newsletters for our partners, keeping them informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to changes in the email marketing arena

To Blog” is a modern acronym for the term “Web Log” in shortened form.  If one wants to have a successful blog, entries should be made on a regular basis.  We can help clients set-up a blog format that will easily allow them to make entries themselves.

Marsha-crop_500px_wideAbout Marsha Pearson

Marsha Pearson began Windy Wing Design & Promotion after the retail store franchise she owned was forced to close after a disagreement with the franchisor, Wild Bird Centers of America. Throughout her business career, she created many logos, postcards and other design pieces  for her own businesses, websites and various organizations, as well as for friends and family.

Like many people today, Marsha has turned something that she loves doing into something that showcases her talent and creativity. Please contact us for a consultation and an opportunity to show how we can help you and your business.