Are you Caught in the Web?

two_cans_500pxWhen the internet was invented in the 1960’s, it had limited applications and existed as a place for information sharing between universities and various arms of the military. Then, in 1990, Tim Berners-Lee, a scientist at CERN, developed the concept of the World Wide Web, and much of his original concepts are still used today.

The Internet – or World Wide Web – has changed everything about how we see the world – and how the world sees us. We are truly living in a digital age; an age in which every person will forever leave a “digital footprint” everywhere we go.

So, what kind of “footprint” does your business have? How are you and your business or non-profit communicating with the world? What does your online presence look like?

Note that “Web” is a part of the name of the “internet” as we know it. Are you caught in the Web, or are you weaving your own part of it?

Let’s untangle the mess and find a way to make your presence bigger, better and more targeted. Maybe we will have to “rip out a few stitches” and re-weave some parts to make it stronger and better. I promise, the time spent will be worth it and your improved internet marketing skills will yield good results.