Email and Social Media – How are they Connected?

yadayada-smallMany small businesses ponder whether or not a presence in the social media arena is important to their business. What experts are finding, is that it’s not only imperative to have a presence, but that a well-oiled Facebook page gives businesses several important advantages:

  • A place within the social community, where you can share and connect with customers/clients who already know about you. Believe it or not, these are your strongest supporters, and they want to share you with their friends.
  • When you post interesting information on your wall, fans will want to share it, increasing your popularity.
  • You have an excellent opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your particular field by sharing information you find, or ideas you have; imparting the best parts of your world to society at large and showing them that you’re more than a “wall flower”, you are knowledgeable and like to give out great information, too!

Nowadays, a company’s Facebook page can become an integral part of your search engine optimization program. An active page that is set up properly will sometimes rank higher on a search engine that one’s own website.

Let’s face it, Facebook is FREE, so it’s easy to neglect how important it is as a tool in today’s market. We can help you find ways to “mine for gold” on Facebook by taking advantage of available apps, and making your page’s space work for your business.

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